Thursday, 17 May 2007

Pirates Of The Currybean

have you finished all your homework before logging on the in search of lameness? if you haven't then GO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY!

there are times where i can be lame and there are times where I'm just not lame enough. for example-now. now before i begin would you please hand me those crutches?

there was once a British merchant named Bootstrap Bill Turner (sounds familiar?). he was a famous merchant dealing with a vast variety of goods. one day, his wife conceived a son and he decided to name his beloved son Will Turner. 17 years later, misfortune struck and Bootstrap's ship was hijacked by a bunch of foul-smelling-nasty-looking-alcohol-consuming-wooden-legged(lame) pirates. the captain of the obnoxious crew was Capetian Barbecue himself. the captain of the Pearly Whites, which was the name of the pirates' ship, bla bla bla... you know the story...

to cut the long story short, Bootstrap died and his son, Will Turner, was entitled to the HUGE sum of money his father left him. when the lawyer came to Will with his fathers will, Will couldn't resist spinning the piece of paper round and round. seeing such a thing happen, the lawyer asked Will; "i say there son. why are you doing such a thing?" Will looked at him and said: "ohhh this.. this... is what i was BORN for! after all, i AM the famous WILL TURNER!!" *spins the will*

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