Friday, 18 May 2007

If The World Was Without Lameness...

my my.. here we go again. what random and interesting stuff await you in this post? lets find our together shall we?...
ahhh... spring at last! and when i say spring i mean those coiled metal things in mattresses. with birds chirping and bees buzzing. it just makes you wonder; what would this world be like if God had not created this funny little thing called 'lameness'.
if the world was without lameness....
  1. there would be no jian shen and his nonsensical ways of 'humourism'. wouldn't that be a pity?...
  2. Crystal (Cha)'s family would never have discovered their ohh so awesome PORRIDGE! (bubur cha cha)
  3. wheelchairs and crutches would have never been invented.
  4. Jesus couldn't have performed as many miracles as stated in the bible.
  5. there would be many little children running around in the restaurants during dinners.... sound familiar?
  6. no one could have set the record of being the first ever 'cripple' to climb mount Everest. (maybe i could be the first?)
  7. there would be no point in reading this post

if you feel that you have something else to add.. feel free to leave a comment. reasonable mou?

so thank God daily for creating such people with a lame sense of humour. it's not our act. its our personality!

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