Saturday, 12 May 2007

random stuff-ness

sorry.. I'm really bored right now. Suppose to be studying but... MY STUDY TABLE IS NEXT TO MY COMPUTER!! the temptation is too hard to resist... haha!! ohh by the way... the following are a series of LAME jokes. This is a warning: if you are not in the mood for L. J's (lame jokes) then please DONT READ!

if King Kong went to Hong Kong to play ping pong and died, what would they put on his coffin?
-a lid

what would you get if you were somewhere in the middle of the ocean and decided to jump off the boat?

what animals need oil?
-mice. because they squeak!

why was the sand wet?
-because the seaweed!

how would you tell a smart person from a stupid person?
-smart people WRITE posts. stupid people READ them. hahaha!! just kidding...

what was the most sinful fairytale ever told?
-SINNERELLA!! (Cinderella)


Anonymous said...

Yo lamer!

Finally gave in to the power of blogging eh? :P go check my blog out too! (not as lame as yours- thank goodness)

Crystal said...

jianshen!!!!!see so popular.. new blog so many comments di... hha spread the lameness! it's the new cool! *high five*

Denise Ng said...

JIAN SHEN - the bassist-EN!! so it'll rhyme lah. :D HAhahAHAH!

Eh, your blog ar.... so laaame ok! See how I wrote more than one 'a'? yeaah, so laaame! HAHAHA! neither do I know what i'm writing. :D But it's funny and it DOES entertain. Go check mine out!