Monday, 28 May 2007


warning: this post isn't lame and its gonna be filled with corny descriptions
see the title? yeah.. you should have guessed. its about the awesome time i had over the weekend. what a way to kick start the holidays! amen!
worship camp was VERY (and i mean VERY) fun! we had a SPLASHING time *splash* note: no water was involved in the 'splashing' time we had. for this year's worship camp, we did something different. WE WROTE SONGS! we were split up into different groups and each group had to come up with at least one song. on one occasion Jun Min's group came up with TWO songs. like the china man say "GENG or not?" our group consisted of Debbie, Kimberly, Elselyn, Steph Tham, and me!
sounds fun? but i have to tell you, writing a song ISN'T easy at all! first, you have to be very sensitive to what lyrics you use to avoid listener confusion. besides that, the song arrangement is very important. the arrangement of the song greatly affects the 'niceness' (LOL) of the song. a bad arrangement can turn wonderful lyrics into just bad music.

we only had one and a half days to come up with a song complete with lyrics, tune, and PRESENTED in front of the JUDGES consisting of pastor 'Wose' Goh, Darren Ong, Terry Yau and last but not least, Abang Joe (not his real name). everything went smoothly.... FOR THE OTHER GROUPS! guess what? i played a wrong chord!! yeah.. way to go Jian Shen. hahahaha!! but over all it was all okay... fu yoh... our first written. check out the lyrics. mostly written by Debbie and Elselyn

haven't figured out the song name yet...

Verse 1:

in a place i feel lost.

i feel distant, distant without You.

feels like I'm lost in the dark.

and i just cant seem to get through


You put a song in my heart

calling me to draw near to You


it's here where i want to start

i give You the keys to my heart

so come with Your loving grace

and teach me Your gentle ways

Verse 2:

may these words that i say

bring life to Your beautiful name

may this life that i live never be the same


bring me to the secret place where i once was in love with You

sounds corny when read but you really got to hear the full song. *not part of the song*

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