Friday, 11 May 2007

wow... im blogging..

wow.. look! so shiny! ohhh.. no wonder. its Crystal Cha.

lame enough mou?

this is actually the FIRST time I'm blogging. this blog was actually for lame jokes but since i started off with this much, i might as well continue on doing what i was doing when i started.
yeah... i know how you feel. i don't get what I'm trying to say either. hahaha!!

today was exam day. we had CHEMISTRY!! and.. and.. i had to 'tembak' the last 20 out of 50 questions because i had no time. here's how it went
  1. came back from recess with a full stomach. yum yum.. chicken rice..
  2. sat down at the table while the teacher distributed the exam sheets. not bed sheets.
  3. laughed at my friend who was making weird noises (not human gas noises!!) just to irritate the teacher.
  4. shaded question 30. the moment i shaded that question i heard the teacher say, "okay you have one minute left."
  5. and so... i prayed, "God please let this be the right answers. amen!"
  6. *shades twenty answers without doubting God* have faith mou? haha!!

so there you have it. and F.Y.I its not the first time I've done it.

okay.. i have nothing much to say. so i guess.. ITS BED TIME!! LIGHTS OUT! *runs in the dark. collides into the cupboard "CRASH!!" gets up limping.. "see? now I'm LAME!"*


kelseykatrina said...

hey hey..Not bad not bad! you are actually blogging! Good job..haha..

Wong Wei-Ming said...

Oi never tell me you had a blog.. LOL by the way, last year... For my history finals I shaded in 20 questions out of 60 questions. Somehow fell asleep.. Woke up and I was the only one in class and teacher said school has ended and he wanted my paper at that time.. I said "Oh no" and shot 40 questions. And yes I failed it. I got a 32

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