Wednesday, 6 June 2007

dePRESSED!!.... with feeeeeelings!!

I've got nothing much to say here actually.. don't know why i haven't been coming up with any lame jokes for awhile now. i kinda feel depressed. got into fights with my parents and some other stuff. aaaaaaahhh!! this sucks. yeah... this moment sucks.
help me Lord... speaking of help, you know what else can help me? ICE-CREAM! yesh yesh! i shall go and buy some ice-cream now. Paddle Pop or Mat Kool or Walls or Nestle or .. or..? wow, I'm spoilt for choice! hahahaha!!
lame joke:
why is Jian Shen pressured? -because he feels dePRESSED!!
i am nonsensical, i am called by others "lame", I HAVE FEELINGS!! what am i? - a nonsensified, lame.... thing?... with feelings!!

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