Saturday, 23 June 2007

Jian Shen's dictionary

hey look.. an update! coooooool....
sorry.. haven't been updating for awhile now. been busy like a... a... a BUSY PERSON! busy with doing nothing that is. MOHINDER!! sorry.. randomED...
on a few nothing-to-do occasions, WE (you know who you are) came up with a few 'new' words. here's a list of them

  1. MOHINDER --------- inside joke. NOT racist!! means 'stupid' or something like that
  2. STUPER ----------------- "super+stupid = STUPER"
  3. STEVIL ----------------- "stupid devil = STEVIL"
  4. BASSIS-TEN --------- don't know what it means lah.. Denise called me that...
  5. kipas susah mati -------- "die hard fan"
  6. WOOGA ----------------- i don't know what it means??? Danielle uses it..
  7. STUPID!! ------------------------ "stupid cupid" (hahaha!! just came up with it)
  8. lameED ------------------------ the act of doing something lame
  9. randomED --------------------- the act of doing something random
  10. BuFFELED --------------------- Chu Yueh's version of saying "baffled" *claps*

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