Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Quote, Quotes and Quoted...

so here we are again.. back to the blog of LAMENESS!! so what is it that you really want people? what? have i not given you enough?
no la... just kidding. so here we go again! lets check out the nonsense in store! let me think of some lame jokes. note that i always write my posts unprepared and at random times.

ohhh yeah!! i've been wanting to post this for so long now but i just kept forgetting.

here are a few nonsense/funny quotes by people whom i know of. REALLY WAN!! no kidding!

you know why trees are dying? thats because people are killing fruits!!

-Emmeline Lee-

squirell that run up girls skirt find no nuts -"Confucious"-

when a gurl plays drums and she's pretty, dat is when guys call "punk chick" when a gurl plays piano and she's pretty, dat is when guys call "sweet chick" while pretty gurls with the guitar are called "chun chick"err.... am i right? -Chow Ern-

my reply to that quote was: then if a girl cooks for you what do you call the meal? "chicky meal"

this was her reply: MY GOSH!!! You SUPER lame ah!!!!!"chicky meal"!!! where did you get that from?! my goodness, gracious!you seriously LAME lah

*sigh* and these people are my friends.... but thanks to them, life is funnier!

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