Sunday, 17 June 2007

to Aron and Elselyn

we had a surprise party for Aron and Elselyn on Saturday. it was at Jun Min's house. we had a good time there too!! the FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD was awesome. haha!! apart from awesome food there was also awesome people there to devour the awesome food. amen to that!
so here we have it. here are a few shots that were taken.

this is Aron....

this is Elselyn

these two... *sigh*

Aron and Heng Ian with the uncle who roasted the LAMB!!! delicious lamb.. notice what Heng Ian is dong. he was trying to light the french fry up. he wanted to smoke the fry!!

here he is trying to smoke the fry. he burnt his lips when he put the wrong end of the fry to his lips. (the end which was on fire) LOL!!


the formal shot (too small to see clearly...)

the candid shot

another candid shot

the formally candid shot

sadly, the group shots were taken after a few people left...

so to Aron and Elselyn, miss you we shall!! we wont know what we would do with or without you

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