Tuesday, 3 July 2007


As if it couldn't get any lamer... this post must be one of the lamest!! LAMED! *amen*
Have you ever noticed how the sun rises every morning? and when that happens, have you ever noticed how the plants shout "glory"? no wonder they are called morning glories. so here we have, plants that talk. because it was said in the bible - let every thing is this world shout unto the Lord and dunno what already... this whole paragraph is some random thing which has no relation to what i have to lame here.
*this is not a real story. sorry Chu Yueh... hope you don't mind*

one day Chu Yueh was walking down the street. she then came across a man jumping up and down like a crazed monkey. the man was staring right at her as he came closer. Chu Yueh felt scared so she quickly walked away without even looking back.

the next day, as she was driving to work, she stopped at a traffic light to adjust her seat. the side of her eye caught a glimpse of something moving up and down. she turned to see what it was and there was the same man she saw the day before. without hesitation, she quickly floored the accelerator and went speeding of away from who she thought was a maniac.

the NEXT day, guess what? she saw the same man jumping up and down coming towards her with miraculous speed. this time the man had on some decent clothes and had flowers in his hands. the man then came to a half in front of her and said "Chu Yueh. i have proven my love to you. for 3 years, whatever I've done, i have never got the thought of you off my mind."

shocked and confused, she replied with a trembling voice "who are you? what have you been doing for me all these years? i don't even know you and here you are saying that you love me."

with a smile, the man replied calmly. "for all these years Chu Yueh, i have been JUMPING FOR JOY!!" *ten ten ten.. suspense!!*

hahahah!! ohh for all those who didn't get it, believe it or not, Chu Yueh's English name is Joy!!

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