Thursday, 12 July 2007


There was once a time where my sister and I would run around the house garden catching butterflies, squashing snails, plucking papaya leaves and putting them on our heads making them our 'imaginary' hats (we later discovered that papaya leaves made your skin itch. we made that discovery many times mind you..) we were the 'broandsis' dynamic duo!! nothing could separate us!! not even a yellow line on a parking space!

then came my little brother with all his splendour! from then onwards, we were the 'brobroandsis' TRInamic trio (we didn't exactly call ourselves that.. but yeah.. you get what i mean..). after that, WE chased butterflies and smashed snails in our garden. now there aren't any butterflies and snails anymore. *looks around innocently* wonder where they all went? :P

being siblings, we had our fair share of fights amongst ourselves and it often ended up with one of us shouting, giving each other the criticising remarks and even crying.

we still have fun together now a days. like the times we have our 'brobroandsis' mamak sessions. and also sneaking out in the afternoon to eat CENDOL near our house. muahahha!! sweet sweet cendol. I LOVE INDIANS!! hahaha!! Mohindered... but till today i still cant thank God enough for giving me two of the most important people in the world to me.

peace... baskin robbin's ice-cream mou?

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