Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Keys to My Heart

here's a song from Coeur (the "band" name)

Debbie la! she insisted on a name for our "band" so, yeah.. Coeur (pronounced "core") means "heart" in French. Since our song is about the heart, we decided to name it... bla bla bla.. you get what i mean...

Coeur consists of ;

Isaac (Acoustic guitar), Steph Tham (piano), Debbie, Elselyn, Kimberly (all vocals), me (bass)

so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, lamees and lamoes, gorillas and monkeys, lions and tigers and bears *Oh my!*, i present to you...

Keys to My Heart by Coeur (just click on the link lah!)

Verse 1:

in a place that i'm lost

i feel distant, i feel distant from You.

feels like I'm in the dark.

and i just cant seem to get through


You put a song in my heart

calling me to draw near to You


it's here where i want to start

i give You the keys to my heart

so come with Your loving grace

and teach me Your gentle ways

Verse 2:

may these words that i say

bring life to Your beautiful name

may this life that i live never be the same


bring me to the secret place where i once was in love with You

thanks Crystal for helping me with the song thing..

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crys said...

you're welcome! =)