Saturday, 1 September 2007

Life is Like a Yo yo

Have you ever heard the term "life is like a roller coaster ride" ? well, to me, life is like a yo yo. Identical the roller coaster, it has its ups and downs, except that a the roller coaster is controlled by some machine and you have to sit in it. you cant decide where it brings you because the thing hasn't a steering wheel! whereas for the yo yo, the person who is playing with the yo yo has control over its ups and downs.

so, that pretty much means that WE have control over our lives and we have to take ownership over it. so cool yeah? haha!
but always remember, using the yo yo theory, you have to go through downs to get those ups! get it? haha!!


Where did Superman buy his costume from ?

- from a Supermarket !

Where did Spiderman buy his costume from ?

- from the World Wide Web !

Where did Flash buy his costume from ?

- err... don't know either.. Toys r' Us ?

Where did Cicakman buy his costume from?

- Indonesia Zoo, Comodo Dragon section

At which time of the year did Green Lantern get his

- Moon Cake Festival time !

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