Monday, 20 August 2007

the Mommah and Poppah post! (no they didnt force me to write it)

mom and dad!

Mom and Dad aren't exactly the 'coolest' people in the world
Mom recently went for a perm and now her hairs a curl
my dad? he went for a haircut. and guess what?
there's not much to say for a start...

when i was young, i made mom VERY mad!
mom chased me round the house with a cane
being the little kid that i was, i ran and hid behind dad
but dad let mom do her 'job' - my life was never the same
i didn't understand why he didn't protect me - i was sad
until i grew older then i knew, he was only doing his job
as a responsible / caring dad

my dad? here's what i have to say about him
he works hard day and night
working through the thick and thin
even with all that work, of his family he never loses sight
he gives me moral support
which is what i need
being the hero of my life
and planting a little seed...
of hope
nobody has ever matched him - nobody, nope.
and the only thing that he can hope for
is to see his children succeed in life

my mom and her curls
maybe if i add and 'f' it would turn to 'furls'?
whoops that line was really random

Mom has the weirdest ways of doing things
well. maybe not. but it seems quite weird to me
apart from all the scolding which i deserve
she doesn't have to kiss or hug to tell me she loves me
how she does it? you have yet to see!

looks like i've had too much to say about dad,
and too little to say about mom
but i just couldn't find the words
to express how i feel about them
they give me support, they give me strength
how can i even thank
the two people in the world who gave me EXISTENCE?

so mom and dad, here's to you
what drove me to write this?
i don't even have a clue
blame it on the sky
and why it's colour is blue
and blame it on the ground
on why its colour is brown
but nothing can blame they both of you
for doing what you do!

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