Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Life in The Lame

i made a big decision a little while ago

don't remember what it was, which prob'lly goes to show

that many times a simple choice can prove to be essential

even though it might often appear to be inconsequential

i must have been distracted when i left my home because

left or right I'm sure i went. wonder which it was

anyway, i never veered: i walked in that direction

utterly absorbed, it seemed, in quiet introspection

for no reason i can think of, i wandered far astray

and i that is how i got to where i find myself today

my mother has eyes on the back of her head!

i don't quite believe it, but that's what she said

she explained that she'd been so uniquely endowed

to catch me when i did THINGS NOT ALLOWED

i think she must also have eyes on her rear

i've noticed her hindsight is unusually clear
at night my mind does not much care

if what it thinks is here or there

it tells me stories it invents

and makes up things that don't make sense!

i don't know why it does this stuff

the real world seems quite weird enough!

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