Tuesday, 25 September 2007

BroBro and Sis : Then and Now...

its funny taking a stroll down memory lane, recalling things of the past. many of which i have forgotten and many of which i have yet to remember.

this is part two of the previous BroBro and Sis post. showing the past and the present. hence, the name Then and Now. here's a photo of me when i was 1...

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, THEN!

i was one and my sis, three

Bro and Sis 1991!!

we were at the deer farm.. such a LONG time ago!!
say hello "dear" hahaha!!
Bro and Sis 1992!!

here's when my bro came into the big picture.. LITERALLY!! haha!!
BroBro and Sis 1993!!

my brother grrew abit...

BroBro and Sis 1995!!

my sister's 8th birthday. haha!! check out my brother!

BroBro and Sis 1996!!

and now... i present to you, NOW!!

a forward jump into time, about 10 years later...

BroBro and Sis 2005!! (with family)

Shanghai, China!

BroBro and Sis 2006!! (with cousin..)

Sis : then and now. hahaha!! look at her old photo!!

BroBro and Sis!... Daddy's Angels : full Bottle!!

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