Monday, 10 September 2007

Fools We Will Be No More

the SPM examination is drawing near,
teachings of tutors is what i hear
be careful of where I'm heading
be careful where i steer

must do more reading
no more time for kidding
ohh no such misery
i feel it when i study history!

feeling dizzy...
think I'm gonna throw up
must be falling sick
from studying all that physics

as if there weren't enough history...
to be around troubling me
here's a new addition to the family
the good old CHEMISTRY!

*sigh* what can i say bout it?
its no one that I'm trying to hit
but, to me moral is just more oral

what do you hear when you talk about Bio?
the sound of students saying "aiyooohh"
but that's no question for me to pop
because Bio was the subject i chose to drop

Maths and Add Maths
they're gonna make me go mad
calculations and summations
too much of it gives you constipation (...of the mind)

i once thought that only fools are for schools
but now it appears to me that schools are for fools
we are all fools but, fools we will be no more
the day we go to school...

wana see something EXTREAMLY cool? here. take a look!

so cool right? hahaha!!

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