Monday, 17 September 2007

The Silly and Unexpected


have you ever had something silly and unexpected happen to you? i bet everyone has had their fair share of silly and unexpected things...

i once went up to a person whom i didn't know, pat him on the shoulder and said "Rutabaga". while i kept my eyes on him, i slowly reversed, frowned and showed him the peace sign. hahaha!!

speaking of unexpected things, i have some pretty unexpected friends. i have a friend who once barked like a dog after someone told him he was "ugly as a dog"

you know what? today i was with Jen Jen under a tree. we were waiting for my mom to come pick us up. as i was standing there totally innocent and minding my own business then suddenly.... BIRD SHIT FELL ON ME OHHH!!! *ahhhhhh~!!!*

the culprit! (not the exact one)

...and the evidence (i dodged this one)

stupid bird!!!! what did i ever do to you huh?? huh?? if i find that bird im going to smash his eggs!! err.. sounded wrong.. hahaha!! kidding!


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