Saturday, 20 October 2007

Cookies 'N Cream

sorry for the long absence people. i have no excuse.

have you ever craved for cookies and cream? the cookies are here. but the cream ran away. sorry...
well, i have. but i haven't been eating cookies with cream tho.. just cookies. the best are cookies are in fact chocolate chip cookies. the ones Crystal is going to bake. she better give me a free sample... umm.. i mean free sampleSSS (emphasise on the "s" at the back) for advertising her blog.
so whats the rave about cookies all so suddenly? hmm.. nothing.. just a random thought that's been in my head. hunger is taking over me.. i drool at the sight or the slightest whiff of FOOOD!! *again* FOOOD!!
Cookies and Cream have nothing in relation to what these lame jokes are about. rest assured that im not going to ruin your appetite before dinner. I'm a good guy. right Crystal? =)

lame jokes

how do you catch a rabbit?

- hide behind a tree and make carrot noises

how do you catch a squirrel?

- go nuts in the forest

how did the tortoise beat the hare in the race?

- he used "shell" petrol

which City has the best voice?

- City Nurhaliza

what is orange-in-colour and sounds like a parrot?

- a carrot