Friday, 16 November 2007


another day in the exam hall and precious time is ticking away. the invigilator walks around suspiciously eyeing everyone, every move and everything that comes into view. the silence is broken once in a while when a student asks for permission to go to the toilet. other than that, its just pin drop silence, with me sniffing away. i had the sniffles that today. still sniffing away now...

okay cut the serious English and get straight to the point.

so yesterday during the exam, if I'm not mistaken it was Sejarah... yes, you can see in my previous post on how much i simply "adore" Sejarah.. well, not the subject but the 90 minutes of sleeping. hahaha!!

so ANYWAY, everyday the invigilators would rotate classes and sometimes we would get some amusing ones. quite funny.. the first day we got this BIG guy.. i think his waist size is like... the length of both my hands when they are stretched. i think if i were to wear his trousers i might just look like this...

told you they're longer than my arms!

im clearly exaggerating.

yup.. that guy was quite scary. he spoke like a robot wei!! monotonous with COMPLETE sentences some more!! he even managed to pronounce EVERY WORD correctly. it was like those voices when you call some one's phone and its off?? you know? yup.. except that its deeper. cause its a guy's voice.

the next day, we had some Chinese lady. she was quite funny too. she kept telling us how to tie the papers together. apparently some of us tied the shoelace style which was wrong!! so the class burst out in laughter. i think it was just an excuse to make some noise... because it wasn't even funny. and 5 mins later some of my friends were still laughing. ROSHAN LAH!!!

after awhile, the lady was back to telling us how to tie the knot again. she was like

"you buat macam ini... letak itu kertas jawapan dalam kertas soalan.. kemudian you IKAT!!"

seriously wei.. she was like "IKAT!!" her mouth open wide wide all... i almost thought she was gonna take a bite out of my answer sheet (which she used as the "perfect" example. so proud of myself.. =P)

okay.. off to the next exam!!

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