Saturday, 3 November 2007

Flashed at!! - During Halloween

this post is random. as random as rolling a dice.

i can hear my dog snoring. its sleeping under my comp table.
what a sinner-dog Fiona (her name)
then once in a while I'll nudge her with my feet.
then her eyes open
then close
then nudge again
then open
then close
then nudge again.
then she'll get up and sleep somewhere else

ok here are some random conversations i had in school.

this one happened in KFC. before that we were talking bout some place.

Kenneth : if you drive there you can see everyone not wearing their seat belt.

Lee Cheng : what? why don't wear wan? i like wearing seat belts.

Kenneth and Jian Shen : *stare at each other* ......................
Jian Shen : So are you gonna wear one for prom?
Lee Cheng : what? keep quiet lah you! dowan talk to you already!

Kenneth : so Lee Cheng you got your prom dress already?
Lee Cheng : umm.. nope.
Kenneth : how bout you, Jen Jen?
Jen Jen : no.
Kenneth : Jian, you leh?
Jian Shen : errr.... why would i wanna get a prom dress?

and in another conversation.....

Yean Ling : hmmm.. yeah.. that guy is smart. but he's short.
Jian Shen : see Yean Ling? God is fair.
Yean Ling : ohh.. no wonder you're so tall
Jian Shen : TENG....

this one was at a mamak when Jen Jen's roti planta arrived...

Jen Jen : hey i think i cannot eat. you eat for me lah...
Jian shen : what? so why did you order it then?
Jen Jen : ohh.. cos i was bored...
Jian Shen : so.. you were bored... so you ordered a roti planta?
Jen Jen : *laughs* ya...
Jian shen : o-k-a-y.........................

this next one was during BM tuition with Emmeline , Yean Ling and Jen Jen
teacher was telling us bout Malay Hari Raya special occasions and stuff...
it was a Monday...

Emmeline : teacher, i think yesterday was a special occasion. because there were so many
open houses near around my area
Cikgu Suhail : yesterday.... was a weekend...
Emmeline : oh...

*we all laugh*

so there you have it. the funny stuff that happened. its not that funny when you read it. those were be-there moments.

so here we have a random picture. check this out!

don't look now, but i think its the HALLOWEEN FLASHERS!!

and they're flashing their pumpkins at us!! hahahaha!!

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