Thursday, 22 November 2007

SPM-ed #2


SO, today was.. Chemistry!!!
the objective was HARD! and i mean HARD!!
like... HARD! you get the point *points*
*watches you run after the "point" because you wanna "get the point"*

after some "aww man's" and "ohh no's" in paper one (objective) Jian Shen quickly rose to the challenge taking on its brother -- Chemistry paper 2!!

it was a tough battle. both of us wrestled hand to hand. but i had a pen in mine.
used it to jab the paper when it was giving me trouble. killed it.

bruised and battle-scarred, Jian Shen prevailed the two and a half hours of agony and suffering.
it was a moment worth celebrating. that's when he went home to have his lunch.

after a hearty meal of steamed fish and caulliflower with rice, Jian shen felt energised again! (woohoo~!)

he quickly packed his stuff, IC and all, and rushed off to school 30 minutes before the final showdown - Chemistry paper 3!!

at the gates of school, he was greeted by some noisy form six-ers who were discussing their STPM papers

the STPM-ers were pale in comparison to the rowdy form five-ers... who wrecked havoc in Jian shen's ears.
buzzes and bleeps of girls and boys discussing past exam questions certainly went against Jian Shen's policy of "don't discuss the stupid exam paper unless necessary."

seriously... discussing the paper only worries you... because you'll find out the NUMEROUS SILLY MISTAKES you just made.
so be safe. don't torture yourself mentally by fearing the factor of NOT GETTING 100%
80% is MORE than enough for me =)

aim low, so that you ALWAYS score high. hahahahha!! kidding kidding...

Chemistry paper 3 was easy peasy... or maybe it wasn't...
here's an example...

1. e) state the use of Ammonium Sulphate :

my mind blanked, the room seemed spinning, i just didn't seem to know the answer.
that's because i didn't study that part... THE LAST CHAPTER OF CHEMISTRY!!
SO MUCH WORDS AND NO PICTURES??? its an abomination of modern publishing!!

so i calmed my nerves, said a little prayer and wrote :

"Ammonia was used in the making of mustard gas. mustard gas was a poison gas used during World War One to reduce ranks of able-bodied soldiers to pitiful choking men, gasping for air.
Ammonia was also used in the Holocaust of Hitler."

i later found out that the correct answer was "fertiliser"

seriously... teacher said don't leave anything blank.. i was only obeying her words.

(okay okay.. I'm sorry for being obedient okay??)

if the enemy knocks on your door, ask him why he didn't use the doorbell. *ting tong*

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