Friday, 21 December 2007


for every school leaver, leaving school would always go off with a bang. well, for my school, the "bang" was SAMAD PROM. it was our so called "bang" because it was the bomb. hahaha!!

and a flash back to the day of prom....

dressed up in a plain black shirt, black tux and tie, i arrived at MidValley at approximately 7.45pm. that's when i received an sms from Nise asking me where i was.i felt so bad at the thought of her waiting for me. (the guy is supposed to wait for the girl. not the other way round) but actually she had just arrived too.

i rushed off to the hotel lobby only to be greeted by familiar faces.the sight of my school mates all dressed up looked really weird (and coool!). while i was waiting for her, i talked Emmeline and Yean Ling. they were the ones who gave me "gentleman classes"

Yean Ling didn't like the way i tied my tie. it was a plain white skinny tie that wasn't tied to suit the standard of "coolness" so Yean Ling was like "haiyoo.. why your tie like that one? you dunno how tie meh? come let me tie for you!"

without me taking off my tie, she undid it quickly and began to knot it. i stared at her nervously, watching the cars drive by the drop-off zone which was just in front of the lobby.

i hurried Yean Ling. "Yean Ling faster! after Denise see...!"

"okay okay. im trying as fast as i can!" Yean Ling replied.

"ohh.. that's her car!" i said. as i saw a black MPV pull up to the drop-off zone.

"faster Yean Ling! Denise might be here any moment" Emmeline urged.

as the passenger door of the car opened, i saw an angel in a black dress slowly getting out of the car. she moved gracefully as she took her step down from the car. her hair flamboyant and swishy, her body had that seductive, feminine sway which never failed to catch my attention. i was completely mesmerised.... (okay i think i better stop here. anymore cheesier and i could just bake a pizza. haha) but Nise did look pretty okay?!

"she's here!" i thought in excitement. my heart skipped a beat as if it was jumping-rope with my arteries. or should i say PULMONARY ARTERY?? (ha! take that bio students!) my heart then did a twirl and danced around my lungs. i guess that explains why i was short of breath when i saw Nise. okay back to reality.

"there its done!" Yean Ling said in relief. i muttered a soft "thank you" and ran off to the lobby doors to greet Nise while adjusting my tie.
(thank you Yean Ling for doing my tie!!)

SO, with my blazer in my left hand and a free right hand, i burushed away all signs of nervousness and said a shy "hello" to Nise. as we came closer to each other, i tried to take her hand... but it was attatched firmly to her body. hahaha!! kidding!

i then went to the car to greet "Aunty Dorinda" (Nise's mom) and promised her i'd take good care of Nise. hehehehe...

according to Nise, when asked, this is what her mom said about me "Jian Shen? hensem (handsome) boy!"

i pulled open the lobby doors for Nise and we both entered the hotel. it took quite a while for me to intro her to my friends. so many of them! haha.

okay here's something funny. Nise and i were the first two to enter the a ballroom. i was in mid conversation with her and as we reached the table, i pulled out a chair for her to sit in. then ah.... SHE SAT ON THE CHAIR NEXT TO THE ONE I PULLED OUT!!!

i was like "ehh... i pulled out this chair for you wan lah!"

*laughs* "ohhh ooops. sorry i thought you were gonna sit in that chair so i sat here." she replied

hahahha!! sooooo malu man...

so as the night progressed, so did the number of cheesy pickup lines that came out of my mouth. example :

Nise : "ehh that girl quite pretty la"

Jian shen : "but not as pretty as you..."

Nise : *laughs*

we didnt take many photos tho... pity..

here are some photo equations that i came up with...

(Equation one) Nise + Jian Shen + Camera =

(Equation two) equation one + Lee Cheng =

(Equation three) equation two + Jen Jen =

(equation four) Jen Jen + Jian Shen + Camera =

i bet you've never seen such a good looking pontianak. i had to hold her head down else she bite my neck and suck me dry. hahaha!! im kidding Jen!!

Heather! our prom queen.

Razreen (his full name is really long..) our Mr Best Dressed.

was gonna do one of Shafiq, our Mr Prom King. but didnt have a pic =(

sorry Shaf..

here i am with funny-man Khubie. such joy he brings..

so overall, prom was really really coooL! i've give it a nice 8/10. would have been a 9/10 if not for that comedian. those of you who were there know what im talking about. 10/10 if we had slow, romantic dancing.

20/10 because i had Nise with me. =P

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Kathryn said...

EH! You should write romantic novels. with the swishy and flamboyant hair all. Haha. Your so funny la.