Thursday, 6 December 2007

Just Imagine...

*even santa likes to disco*
Hey ho! its December yo! what else can you expect apart from Christmas goodies, candy, and... PRESENTS!! woohooo~!! (which also includes visits from cheek-pinching and "wah-so-big-already"-saying aunties)

Ohh.. and also a few not-so-lucky December babies.. which i happened to be apart of..

My mind has been wandering a lot lately, which brings me to the main point of this post! yes people, the MAIN POINT! *points*

Alright.. here's the story. i was talking to Lee Cheng on the phone and suddenly we just came up with this idea on how we can prevent violence and achieve "world peace".

That means a stop to all killings and wars all over the world ! *gasp*

it goes like this. instead of bullets, soldiers could use rubber bands to shoot each other. "but then whats the point?? nobody would die!" well you see... THAT'S THE POINT LAH!!

So, the side that wins the war is the side which has the most rubber bands at the end of the day. so in order to achieve that, soldiers have to become super stealth-y agents only going out in the night to steal rubber bands from the opposing side.

once they break in to the enemy's secret rubber band stash, the would grab as many rubber bands as they could to ensure victory. then very quietly and cautiously, sneak back to base.

Army General : Report on army status, Lieutenant!

Lieutenant : *salute* Sir we had a break-in at out secret rubber band stash sir! we lost about 1 mil rubber bands in total and a few of our men suffered whiplash to the ears and eyes from enemy Sniper-bands! (hahaha!! sniper bands!)

Army General : how could this happen Lieutanant?! you are all a bunch of ignorant fooLs, letting your guard down like that. Call on our allies! ask them for any spare rubber bands, and prepare our Ninja Corpse. we're stealing our rubber bands back!

and its a cycle. that way. NO DEATHS! so cooL right? but then again, it was just an imagination. hehehe...
Jian Shen's goodnight line : have a sweet dream kurang manis

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