Saturday, 29 December 2007

Awaiting College Life


the year has finally come to a close. it was an awesome one. As for me, I'm done with high school and next year will be another step closer to the working world (good luck Jian Shen)

no more high school. no more hilarious conversations with friends that will leave you in tears (because of laughing too much). And there's only one word to say when you lose all that "NOOOOOOOOO..." (said with an echo as it fades into the distance...)

so here is the progression of life...

    1. born (aged 2-4) hello world!

    2. kindie time! (4-7) bet you cried.well, i did.

    3. enters primary school (7-12) more crying...

    4. obtains UPSR results (12+) some cry... some laugh... others turn out in the newspapers. (some concerning a noose)

    5. high school, here i come! (13-17)

    6. collect SPM results (17+) some turn out in newspapers. more noose stories.

    7. college life (18-20+)

    8. WORK (20-50+)

    9. bye bye world... in a bed made of wood.

you know what? i it was a Sunday and Lee Cheng and i were supposed to emcee a Christmas party in church. There we were, standing up front before the event began and suddenly, a girl walked up to me. (i didn't recognise her from anywhere.) so, there and then she passed me a present with her name written on it and wished me a very merry Christmas.

being shocked and touched (no she didn't touch me physically), i accepted the present and thanked her for he kindness. THANK YOU!

after the service, being the curious little boy i am. (little boy in God's eyes) i slowly and carefully unwrapped the wrapping of the present. and inside i found....



well, i must have become known for my lame jokes because at YC camp, i was asked by Darren to "stall time". so i went up in front of everyone... what else could do the trick but LAME JOKES? so i popped a few spontaneous lame jokes and wallah! i had the crowd's full attention. lame jokes really do wonders. don't you agree? ; )

ok back to the book. the book is quite cool. but British humour sometimes surpass the lameness of Malaysian humour. seriously... even i cant laugh at some of their jokes. but there's a COOL part bout this book. the last section is named "Insults" why? because its full of insults, that's why. gee.. who could have guessed?

want to be insulted? here's a sample.

"Last time i saw someone as ugly as you, i had to pay admission."

here's another one. right at you.

You're so dumb, you stare at an orange juice container because it said "concentrate"

and my personal favorite....

"You're dark and handsome. when its dark, you're handsome."

some of them are funny. others are just plain mean. well, there has to be a reason why they're called insults... ohh ohh here's one i just came up with!

"You're so dumb, you don't get this joke."

( bet you were like "huh?" )

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year people!

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