Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Paus! Glorious Paus!

alright here's and update!

i bet everybody knows what a pau is right? well, if you happen to be from some kind of distant planet from galaxie Zecktron where guys are known as geronimos and girls are known as geronimies then i think you need to take a good look at this picture and discover the next best thing in (food) life.

what it is : pau - a steamed bun that is made from fine white flour. It is often filled with all sorts of delicious stuffing guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. E.g. red bean, green bean, pork (char siew), chicken, curry chicken, kaya and the list goes on....

When you're feeling down - have a pau.

When you feel hungry - have a pau

When the world has deserted you and left you for the crows - have a pau.

so i figured. if im doing a post about paus why not end the post with a joke about paus? after all, this blog is dedicated to making people laugh. (or slap their foreheads in utter speechlessness)

One day there were three Tau Sar (red bean) Paus ; Father Tau Sar Pau, Mother Tau Sar Pau and Baby Tau Sar Pau. Happy without a care in the world the Tau Sar family decided to take a walk around the city to do some shopping.

at the end of the shopping spree, they were on their way back home feeling happy and content at the things they bought. Mommy Tau Sar Pau and Father Tau Sar Pau were slowed by the weight of the load in their hands. So Baby Tau Sar Pau was free as a bird to run wherever he whished.

Finally they came to the street where their house was located. Mother Tau Sar and Father Tau Sar were walking side by side but Baby Tau Sar decided to run ahead of them. suddenly from out of nowhere came a car and squashed Baby Tau Sar Pau!!

Mommy Tau Sar and Father Tau Sar was absolutely shocked about what had just happened. There was a long pause between the two. Then with a face full of anger, Father Tau Sar Pau slapped Mother Tau Sar Pau hard and loud!

so.. guess why Father Tau Sar slapped Mother Tau Sar?





because when Baby Tau Sar pau was squashed... instead of Tau Sar (red bean), Char Siew (pork) come out!!

Char Siew Pau yo!

For those who didnt get it ;

when Char Siew came out instead of Tau Sar it means that Baby Tau Sar Pau isnt the biological (in this case..) pau of both the parents. in other words, the Mommy Tau Sar Pau had an affair with a Char Siew Pau. GET IT?

and oh one more thing... i forgot to ask you. Was your father a baker? because you've got nice buns =). hahaha!! im kidding...

alright.. time for me to eat my Lor Mai Kai. haha. Chiense food Yo!