Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Being Lame is Good!

Being lame is good

its better than being bald

Someone that's lame can also be called

the one without a foot

Creativeness - the definition of utter creativity

Brainlessness - the definition of utter stupidity

which of the two define a lamer?

a lamer is the personification of utterly stupid creativity

What else can i say?

Jokes like these cheer people up

not only does it do that, it also makes their day

Humour and comedy - piercing like a dart

it secretly finds a way

into the core of their heart

you never know, because the things you say

is the remedy for keeping depression at bay

here comes three cheers for my dearest AnGlokay (random word)

hip hip hoOray!

midget in size - big at heart

if lame jokes were branded with personalities,

that's what they would be.

huge amounts of humour

with only a short moment to catch them

their weirdness is inside of you

waiting to pounce at every chance

till it's moment comes and the fat lady is yet to dance,

they spring to life and land with a *thud*

they stick around the atmosphere,

waiting for someone to take a whiff

that's the way they work... yeah.. something like a fart.

I'm gonna shout a number

and if you hear me yell : "CucumBer!"

does anyone ever wonder

that lame jokes could just be another blunder

their complexity being classified under

the chapter "Evolution's Disaster"

Row a boat to the shore

and row it back while you snore

it doesn't have to always be

all about complexity

lame jokes are unique

and lame minds are exquisite

not everyone can come up with

jokes that cripple

maim and disable

grasp and grapple

like a hard pinch to the nipp----- (censored)

what do you get if you jump out of a boat?


and what do you call an over sized rodent?

Brat (big rat)

So smile and be happy,

live and be prosperous!

because now you know that

being lame is good.

much better than being bald...


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