Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Journey To Get My Wings

for those who didn't know, my ambition is to be a pilot. that was my dream since i was a little boy up until now. and I'm not giving up on that dream..... YET! haha.

it is required 6 credits (or more) in SPM and a minimum of B4 in both mathematics and physics
well, honestly speaking, that wouldn't be much of a problem. Not only for me, but for EVERYONE ELSE ! (which actually makes it a PROBLEM

the minimum height for a pilot is 5ft 4in. hohohoho!! Not a problem for me who was blessed with the gift of length. errr.... i mean height ! hahahaha!!

piloting also requires PURRRRFECT eyesight. that - i don't have. i think my power is about 100+ (no, not the drink). My brother better. His is 500+. HE SO POWERFUL HOR?

guess what else you need besides brains and brawns? you need MONEY! thats right. Your parents' hard earned MOOLA. Lots and lots of it ! you dont wana know the full cost. yikes man. I REALLY NEED A SCHOLARSHIP !!!

so there i was - in front of the comp looking for piloting requirements when i came across.......

L. A. M. E.

i bet some of you are already thinking "oh another one of Jian Shen's lame jokes.." but NO! I'm serious. Dead serious ! (err.. i mean.. dead as in ; not dead kind of dead. You get what i mean.)

what, ladies and gentlemen, is L. A. M. E. ? well, today you lucky people will get to know the TRUE meaning of L. A. M. E.

L. A. M. E. (Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer)

yup yup. its true !

MAS is looking for LAME people ! *ring ring* NOW I KNOW MY CALLING !!! hahahaha!!

it says here... in the training, pilots will also be trained to be a LAME. its necessary for all pilots to know how to properly maintain one self's aircraft.

LAME is also included in the piloting class time table. its know as LAME classes.

seriously man... how ironic can this get? this is so.... so... LAME !

when i was reading the requirements i kept snickering at the part whenever LAME appeared. and now, my mom thinks I'm some sort of weird kid.

wow... tomorrow I'm going to acquire for my piloting school stuff or to say it in a cooler sounding way - Aviation Education matters. (God bless you Jian Shen) well, i already got half the job done. what can i say? I'm already LAME. haha!

the cockpit of a boeing 777. cooooL!

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joshburped said...

haha! Indeed... It's your calling yo...