Thursday, 10 January 2008

Work Work Work...

hello people!

sorry for the long absence. guess what? I've started work!! working at an optical shop somewhere in Malaysia.. (cant tell you all. after you all come kacau me)

guess whats the pay? its measly.. RM4 per hour. But working there is fun! haha. i got another job at a call centre that pays me RM8 per hour!! so I'm working two jobs. Call centre in the morning and optical shop in the afternoon onwards. Hallelujah!

OK so today was my first day at the optical shop... it took me quite some time to get used to the whole shop environment. the thing about an optical shop is.. there is so much to remember!! serious!! Let me start with contact lenses. ok here's the deal them.

  1. Remember how long the contacts last.
  2. remember where the contacts are kept.

  3. Remember the price of the contacts (there aren't any price tags)

  4. Remember where to look for specific brands / power of contacts

  5. have to find contacts that are of the same brand with suiting power to the customers' eyes.

  6. TEACH the customers how to wear the contacts (only for first timers. there was one girl who took an hour to learn how to insert the contacts into her eye.)

  7. if customer doesn't like colour / feel of contacts, look for new contacts and start from step one again.

that's just contact lenses.. and don't even get me started on the cash machine...

Apart from all that complaining.. lets just get to the point. It was 8.30pm (we close at 9pm) and in walks two machas from out of the rain. One was wearing a ManU jersey (sorry ManU fans...) and another was wearing a grey hoodie with the zip zipped down in a way that it reveals his chest hair...

it looked a lil something like this........

well, maybe not that bad la. but you know how machas' chest hair look like right?

SO ANYWAY, they came in and asked for "cermin mata hitam punya. Kasi malam / siang pun boleh pakai." err.... i dont get it. why would you wanna wear sun glasses at night?

so my lovely "sub-boss", Grace, came and helped me with them.

we showed them the sunglasses and they took like 30 mins choosing a pair of sunglasses and 10 mins asking for a cheaper price. In the end they paid the full amount which was RM128... and this is the best part.

Grace and i thought that the dude was gonna be all macho and walk out wearing the sunglasses until... HE REQUESTED FOR A SUPER LALA SUNGLASS CASING!! AHAHAHAHA!!

imagine... this!...

going into.. this!

it was quite funny seeing them walk away with some cool shades and a hello-kitty casing.

sorry I'm not discriminating any Indians. Just telling people about a funny incident.



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Jon Chu said...

Perhaps they are buying it for a girl as a birthday gift?