Saturday, 16 February 2008


*speaker buzzez*

Thank you for waiting for an update.

Please be seated while i write the next one.

*speaker buzzez out*

ok people! so im guessing that by now, you all know that i work at a spectacle shop. well, this incident happened in the shop itself! quite commical. read all about it here! *click*

no just joking actually, this is the incident... read on!

Another bright and sunny day, typical, customers come in, customers leave, with customer - supervisor chit-chat in the air. Ah.. how relaxing, nice air conditioning. Birds chirping outside the window (all the birds are either crows or dead. you heard me.. *dead*) haha. just a joke.

So, dinner time came and my boss, (for privacy issues, lets just call her "Aunty I" for now shall we?) walked in with a plastic bag of bungkus-ed KFC. wow... the smell of fried chicken filled the air. Hunger hormones (no they dont exist...) raced through my blood.

"Aunty I" walked to the table and sat down. she uncapped the mashed potato cover and began poking at it with a plastic spoon - mixing it up.

she then looked up to me (who was stitting at the same table) and in the most normal and kind way you could possiblly imagine, asked me...

"Do you eat Breasts?"

i was stunned, i didnt know what to say! "err.. umm.." i stammered
"what kind of a question is this!?" i asked myself

"You eat Breasts?"she asked me again.
Feeling extreamly akward and confused, i kept mum.

She reached into the box of friend chicken and handed me a piece fried chicken.

"Here, eat lah. i dont like the breast" she said.

then FINALLY it struck me.

"ohhhh! CHICKEN BREAST you mean?" i said aloud.

she laughed at me, shook her head and said "you ah..." in a teasing manner.

"Here, dont be shy! take la! i dont want it anyway.." Aunty I insisted

so then, being a non-wasteful person, i did justice to the food and... umm... consumed it. haha.
eh! BIBLE also say dont waste ok?

so, after hearing my "testimony"... Do you eat Breast?
peace =)

No sexist remarks were intended in the production of this blog update.
AND.... only one chicken was killed.

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