Monday, 11 February 2008

For Jie Jie..

My sister i just cant live without

sometimes she bugs me

sometimes she hugs me

sometimes we even shout

Before as children we use to play

With something to do and so much to say

people say i look like her,

but with a 26 month delay

We had a bunch of interesting days

but now its time to part our ways

off she goes to Aussie land

Return date - God knows when

like birds of a feather,

we flock together

with my brother,

Together we could take on the world

We've had countless fights,

tested our might,

and spent evening nights,

feeling angry and uptight

Soon we forgive,

apologize and forget,

how do we do that?

such a thing with no regret.

some guys think she's hot

comment about it i better not

but i think she does look good in a way

after all, i look like her right?

Plum, fat, skinny like a stick?

cant make up your mind?

check out this pic!

*muahahha sorry jie, i just had to*

looking at the picture you, *Gasp!*

uh-oh, is that drool on your desk?

dont be surprised- its just one of her poses

her "alluring like roses poses"

"Eyeer Jian Shen so bad!"

please dont say that

she might get mad,

eat chocolate and become fat

my hair seems to curl

the room starts to swirl

because you're my number one girl

Jie Jie YOU LOCK MY WURR!! (rock my world)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aww.... thats so sweet!!! your sis is lucky to have a bro like you