Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Have you ever experienced being responsible for something terrible? something like.. you burnt your mom's favourite curtains while playing tanglung in the house when she told you not to a GaZillion times? Or you went to the toilet, forgot to zip your pants and walked out feeling so assured that it was because of your good looks (on your face) that everyone was staring at you?

Well, if you havent experienced being responsible for something terrible then good for you and may God continue to bless you. But right now im responsible for something really terrible.

Here's a poem to sum it up.

Lee Cheng its my fault.
it's your mood i spoilt.
you were ever so sweet.
but sad to say i lost the reciept.

so im doing this to say im sorry.
guilt weighs on me like an overloaded lorry.
well, if you want to know why then listen to my story.

i searched high and low,
so low that i dug up gold.

a few weeks back it was on my table,
but now, to find it I am unable,
on my table it didnt stay.
because i think my maid threw it away.

i have only myself to blame,
because now you are unable to claim,
that beautiful dress the Dobi ruined.

you handed me a task,
it was a simple thing you asked.
but i let you down,
and made your smile into a frown.

im not asking for your forgiveness,
because you have the right to be mad at me.
just did this to say sorry,
and thats all for my story.

Lee Cheng Im Sorry! :(

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