Monday, 31 March 2008

New Phone, New Problems

guess what? i finally have myself a colour screen phone. its a Motorola W375 and guess how much it cost me?

- RM0.00

yep, it was free because it was my sister's old phone. the thing is, she went to Aussie and the phone has what you call a "sim block" which means foreign sim cards cant be used in that phone. Its all for security stuff la... i dont know, dont ask me. Ask Motorola. *vrooom vrooom*

oh yeah... and its a flip phone. *flippin awesome dude* well, not really... :P

whoops, we have veered off coarse from the topic.

5 sou-by-sou-west Starboard! now we're on track.

ok so the problem bout this phone is-- wait lets not blame the phone shall we? lest some Motorola lawyer read my blog and sue me... so, lets just say that im not used to the phone la. which is actually the truth.

ok im not used to this phone. and the dictionary isnt as smart as Nokia's dictionary (or any other dictionary for that matter). so i'll end up with nonsense im my SMS when i type without looking at the screen. for example.. this is one of them. check it out.

- Hey Rose.. You one eh tunaoh you tomorrow morning?

i actually wanted to ask her if i could take a lift from her the the next morning.
another thing about this phone is, the position of the "send" button on the new phone is where the "delete" button is on the old phone!! so, sometimes i when i want to cancel some funny words in the SMS, i accidentelly press "send" (as you have seen in the example above)

and i can only watch to my horror as the message is being sent. and how ironic could it get when the phone says "message sent!" and a big smily face pops out. i gotta figure out how to disable that smiley... hahahaha!

Rose was like "you mean you want a lift?" hahaha!!

so yeah... some funny bloopers with this new phone / sister's old phone of

woah... another thing bout this phone is, ALL the ringtones sound sissy!!! hahaha!!


this post was not intended to insult Motorola users or the Motorola company. :)

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