Thursday, 24 April 2008


in accordance to the launching of Josh Chang's 5 month old blog, i decided to make a Post about our world famous and oh so lovely Godzilla. (and no. he's not part of the Trinity.)

Godzilla, known in Japan as Goddamnit, is the Japanese national animal and it is the second most powerful being in the known universe besides Zombie Muhammed, the Soviets or maybe even Hulk Hogan if his contract allows him to be.

He is also a former member of the National Scrabble Club, former governor of Massachusetts and the second stage Digimon Evolution of Pikachu (yes i know Pikachu is from pokemon) although he really looks quite rubbery. However, this is generally concealed by the citizens of Japan as utter BS, because they don't want anyone to suspect fraud (or that he is just a fat guy in a rubber suit).

While he can be defeated temporarily in combat, the behemoth can harness his greatest atomic ability, "Fart of Zilla the Killa", and come back again and again until his foe is utterly pizzowned

This immense power has led to multitudes of people worshiping Godzilla as a reptilian incarnation of God himself. This pleases Godzilla, and he has appointed Pope Bruce Wayne II to oversee his religion and followers.

Reincarnated on Earth in 1954, Godzilla immediately set out to enact revenge on the Romans for killing his first incarnation. Unfortunately, Godzilla was tricked by his old ally, Mothra into taking out Japan instead.

Wow!!! 'Zilla so enjoyed stomping sushi shops to shreds so much that he continued doing so until his friend, His Honorable Pimpingness, The Great King Kong, made him listen to reason.

In the end, it was Godzilla's own fart that ended his reign of terror. His days of unleashing "The Fart of the Killa Zilla" had finally taken effect on him. He then became nothing but a super giant vegetable waiting for death to take its toll.

Before Godzilla died, he muttered his last few words and they were "Leave Britney Alone....!!" *dies*

King Kong, Ultraman, Keluang Man and other giant, building-trashing monsters were there to pay their last respects.

this post was utterly stolen from and cleverly editted by JianShen. SHARE!

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