Sunday, 25 May 2008

I Live in a World...

I live in a world,

where there are flowers and bees,

where birds sing and chirp.

right up in the trees.

I live in a world,

where peace is fake.

in some countries - real,

but in others - its give and take.

I live in a time

where sex is currency,

where people fall to peer pressure,

acceptance and fame is now their treasure.

I live in a place

where there is racial harmony.

at least i can say that,

i don't know about you.

I live in a world so chaotic,

with homosexuals and trans-gender,

phantoms spreading the occult,

our moral society torn asunder.

But i was put here for a reason,

someone like me for this kind of season,

I'll work hard to complete my mission,

till others know, and have that same reason.

They'll see that there is a greater plan in store,

because we were created to do so much more.

So, armed with what i have,

a mouth to speak,

feet to walk,

and eyes to uncover the things so bleak

With my bible and faith,

many i will save.

and get a simple message across.

to say "God loves you."


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