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Mission : The other Malaysia

Mission : The other Malaysia

Mission destination : Sarawak

Date: April 7th 2008

Number of Agents : 6

Mission Objectives :

  1. Reach out to the lost

  2. Discover God in a different way

  3. have a great time

    Agent #1 Bernard Ong. (team leader)

hmmm... he needs help. *nods*

Agent #2 : Sarah Lois Dorai

it's not only her smile, but personality that shines too

Agent #3 : Gloria Charles

Quite and Mellow. But effective.

Agent #4 : Kew Li Yan

fuyoooh! Poser wei...!

Agent #5 : Joshua "Cute Boy" Yee

"Muahahaha!! all for me!"

Agent #6 : Lee Jian Shen

"hmm... Josh, give me some."

On April 7th, a team of 6 young people packed their stuff, said a prayer and boarded a plane to Sarawak to lead a camp of 82 students who were hungry for God!

Like an elephant remembers what it first ate, i still remember the boom of the Boeing 737's twin engines as we stepped off the plane and onto Sarawakian soil.

The air was fresh and cool......

we then adjourned to the campsite where the campers were. It was approximately 11.30pm when we reached.

Most of the campers were of the Iban tribe. Their ages ranging from 13-17. They were simple people with simple needs. And most of them aren't as lucky as us, sitting in our OWN rooms, listening to our ipods and walkmans, having such loving parents, shelter over our heads, and reading JianShen's blog.

some of them don't even know who their partens are for a start. So.. Appreciate what you have!

Regardless of not having such luxuries, these kids are hungry for God!

It was really touching to see them worship God during our praise and worship sessions. Man, seeing how they worship, their level of passion puts fans at an Incubus concert to shame.

The praise and Worship sessions were pretty last minute. We only found out that we were leading ALL the sessions on the night we reached the campsite. So every night we would stay up until 2am to practice our songs and at the same time, worship in our own manner.

God was with us every step of the way guiding us in what we did.

On the final night, God's presence was so thick in the atmosphere. The campers just started weeping in His presence. We did an altar call for those who wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and 90% of the campers responded.

Lives were touched and lives were changed.

Those kids will one day beomcome the Martin Luthers of the future. And it was our duty to sew God's seeds into their lives.

apart from that, we had LOADS of fun. We ate live Sago Worms!!

"Whats a Sago Worm?" you wonder. Well, its this giant worm thats as big as your tumb. Check it out!

yummy... They actually taste good you know?

Random picutres during the trip...

please "bare" with me

The "Cap Kaki Tiga"

yup, my hair was pretty long.

we made a new friend there

Sarawakian slang...

Miss Sharron Pudun! Our host from Sarawak.

working hard


worship at the long house.

alright i think this is getting too much. will continue with the other pictures another day. maybe some funny videos. goodnight.

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