Sunday, 8 June 2008

a Slip of the Tongue!

alright the Form 3 guys just had their first CG outing of the year on Saturday, 7th June.

it was the usual futsal but we combined with the Form 3 girls. The turn up for the girls was miserable. Yes, only two members came.... *shakes head*.

10 members for the guys!! hoorah!

Although the turn up was bad, that didn't stop two of the girls from taking part in some ball kicking. *I mean futsal.* CLEAR YOUR MINDS PEOPLE!!

So, Han Sean ( a fellow CG leader of mine) was talking about it (the futsal outing) in front of the whole CG the following day.

Han Sean : Ok, here i was dribbling the ball and *Censored girl's name* was coming to tackle me. She's quite hard to penetrate......

He paused for a moment and realised what he just said.

"OOOOOOOOOOOO....." the whole CG started "Oh-yoh-tata-hor-ING" him. It was pretty hilarious.

Han Sean : Ehhh no lah! i didn't mean it that way lah!

*sigh* Sean, now we know your fantasies........

Moral of the Story : Don't play futsal with girls. You might penetrate..... their defence!

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