Thursday, 9 October 2008

The 5000....

okay ladies and gentlemen, check out this formula.

Lift = Coefficient of Lift x 1/2 x rho x Vsquared x S (wing area)

Yuppers, its the Lift formula for an aeroplane. and guess what? I'm going to remember it till the day i die.

because everybody in my batch had to write it down 5000 times!!!

I'm serious, no joke.

try imagining 5000 of those formulas. Easy right? now actually try writing it down 5000 times! Not so easy...

Instructor : okay, where's the 50 lift formulas that i asked for yesterday?

students : err.. we thought u were joking when u asked for the 50 sir..

Instructor : Does that mean none of you did it? okay, fine, i want 5000, hand them up by tomorrow and Im not joking. *serious face*

JianShen: Sei lor....

So yeah, that's the story.

My brain is almost crazy already. i wrote 5000 lift formulas! My have fingers developed muscles! hahaha!

wanna see some pictures of them?

5000 in the making...

4995, 4996, 4997... 5000!!

the victims...

*gasp* my paper!

Tadaa~! 400 formulas done. The pattern looks kinda cool. Dont you think? :P

yes, such a stunt is worth remembering. how many pleople can say that they wrote something down 5000 times and still tell the truth? :P

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