Monday, 3 November 2008

Mua Wheels....

Today i took my driving test... and guess what?

I'm going to take it again next week. Why? FAIL LORRRR....!!! *wails*

Why fail? Okay, you seeeee.....?

i passed the parking, 3 point turn and the slope. All was fine... As for the Jalan Raya, the story proceeds as such...
Me, maneuvering my car calmly... was on the final right turn towards a straight road.

Straight Road clear, turn left into driving school = pass.

But Nooooooooo... due to a traffic light....

One moment it was green. So i started accelerating my car. And you know those 3 secs green lights that sometimes occur. Yeap... you guessed it. It occurred!

So the light turned yellow when i was like 3 feet away from the traffic light and me... being the "careful" driver that i am... decided to slow down and stop. Besides, i only had 1 second to brake or else i beat a red light. Follow rules right?

And guess where that landed me...?

Turns out i stopped with my two wheels just crossing the white line and the head of the car obstructing a zebra crossing. What was i supposed to do? Beat a red light? Jam my brakes so that i don't cross that white line and expect him to pass me off as a "safe" and "steady" driver?

So the abang JPJ took out his pen and started scribbling on my pass/ fail sheet.

all the time he was doing that i was praying "oh Lord... please convict his soul!!"

But turns out sometimes you don't always get what you want. Yuppers. I didn't get what i wanted.

Fail lorrrrr...!! cos of one silly mistake. Oh well, cant blame them for being strict. Its their job after all. :P

Follow rules - fail, don't follow rules also fail! hmm... Oh well, unlucky me :P

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