Thursday, 15 January 2009

Do you have what it takes to be a Pilot?

To be a pilot, you have to have unique abilities and outstanding qualities.

What makes you so special?

What makes you qualified to be a pilot?

What do you have that others don't?

Ah.. i see you suffering in your seat just thinking and thinking...

That's why I've decided to make your life a little more simple by providing you with "The List of Attributes"

The List of Attributes!!!

Number 1: at least 165cm tall (yup, I'm way past that... so, check!!)

Number 2: Good motor skills (check!)

Number 3: Able to sleep anywhere at anytime (Pilots work at weird hours, so when you're not working, you need to catch up on your sleep. CHECK!!!)

Number 3: Eats anything and everything that is "food" (who knows? you might fly to a country which only provides you with icky and yucky food. So you need an iron gut for this. CHECK!!!)

Number 4: Able to make the lamest of jokes at the craziest of times (You never know. If your plane is crashing, the passengers wouldn't be in a panic state because they are too busy slapping their own foreheads. check!)

Number 5: Hairy Legs (In the event your plane crashes into a cold place and you have no warm clothes what-so-ever, your feet need to be warm to keep you strutting all the way. Check that!)

Number 6: Handsome, Sweet, Seductive and Charming. (A message to the ladies of the foreign land "Malaysian men can also lah!" Malaysia Boleh lah!! hmm.. check, no check? haha)

Number 7: Multilingual, meaning; able to converse in many languages (hmm.. lets see, i can speak Malay, English, broken Mandarin, broken Cantonese and i understand bad words in Tamil... check!)

Number 8: No fear of heights. (God knows I'm not afraid of heights. That's why He made me so tall! check check check!)

Number 9: Outstanding qualities (my teacher made me stand outside class when i was in primary school and secondary school. I was an outstanding student okay!? Check!!)

There! Do you have what it takes? DO YOUUUU??

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