Monday, 4 May 2009

When I Was a Little Boy...

... i asked my mother, what will i be.

Will i be rich?

Will i be pretty?

Here's what she said to me.

"Stop talking and finish your dinner before i call papa!"

(Just kidding. I love you Mi.)

We were all a kid at one time. (Unless you're Adam or Eve) and i guess we did a number of embarrassing things in our time, didn't we?

I still remember once (when I was 3 or 4 years old), I tried to be a "big boy" by trying to use the toilet all by myself.

So, i took a stool and climbed up to the seat. Feeling accomplished, i pulled down my trousers and took a seat.

Then ah....


I fell into the toilet bowl!!!
(my butt was too small for the seat)

I cried okay. :'(

My mom heard my cries and she rushed to help me out.

But oh well, i was 3... (or 4)

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saran said...

gosh..Jian Shen..u look so are you dear??