Thursday, 11 November 2010

Laments Of A Bishop.

Sometimes life has it's ups and downs. Sometimes it has it's lefts and rights.
But nobody ever told me the diagonals were coming.
No, nobody.

And now I'm stuck in and ever-running race of diagonality.

Who am i?

I'm bishop.

Long have i waited to be with the queen. Long have i planned my straight in approaches but I'm cursed to diagonality.
Furthermore that dreaded "king" keeps getting in the way.

Why does he get the girl when all he can do is move one square at a time? Why!?
Plus, he's so weak! if he gets cornered, it's over for us all!!

At least i don't have to worry about the "Rook". He's gay.

Fear not my queen. Once I overthrow the slobby "king" i will reign supreme as chess master with you and only you by my side. That's if i don't get eaten first.


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