Friday, 21 January 2011

China and Food.

These photos were taken at a restaurant in Shanghai, China.
I Veri Laik Yur Ingerish.

"Lolwut?" Dishes

"Tastes so good, You'll be seeing double"

"--Who did?" Dishes

Broke Back Mountain inspired Dishes

Another restaurant we saw at Hangzhou airport.

The food was kicking awesome and we smacked our lips. *Wachauuu!*

Finally, the oh-so-famliar, China's Golden Arches.


fathineric said...
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Amrita said...

really weird

Kamilla Laidlaw said...

I love Chinese translations. Once when visiting a park outside shanghai I just sent my time taking pictures of the signs instead of actually taking anything in the poor tour guide was trying to hard to convey.

Kamilla Laidlaw said...